Practice Schedule

Tuesday 7:00-9pm @ CRC Turf
Thursday 5:30-7pm @ CRC Turf

All are invited , be prepared with shorts, running shoes, and cleats.

Welcome to Georgia Tech Rugby


Georgia Tech Rugby is currently in their Fall Social 15's schedule. All players interested in playing are invited to come out, regardless of experience.

If you're interested in practicing or playing with the team (regardless of your enrollment in GT), email Michael Myers at
What is Rugby?

Rugby is the “ruffian sport played by gentlemen.” We practice 3 times a week with additional opportunities for weight training and conditioning. However, academics come first, and the rugby team has consistently had one of the highest combined GPA’s amongst club sports at GT.

Our coaching staff is dedicated to our rookie players, and places a heavy emphasis on establishing the basic skills of rugby. We schedule a number of matches designed specifically to allow new players to get experience and learn the rules. Many of our current varsity players had never played rugby prior to coming to Tech.

Our club is self-governed by the players with funding from Student Government. Our semester dues cover transportation and rooms when we have overnight stays. The cost for your rookie year is $300, making it one of the most affordable club sports on campus.

Rugby is famous for its social aspect. A majority of our players do not join fraternities due to ample opportunities to bond with teammates and travel to other college campuses, though we have a healthy relationship with several fraternities on campus.

For those of you in the Atlanta area, we are now starting to practice for the summer sevens season. Anyone interested in playing now, just let us know.

We have players from all over the country who would be very happy to answer any questions you may about Georgia Tech Rugby. Contact the recruitment officer by email at or by phone at (615) 499-9373  to receive more information regarding rugby this summer or fall.


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